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thanks. thank you so, so very much, dreamworks. i know this is what you do to make money, i know that this may not even come from your heart, i know that this may just be a product, an invention, an item for you to sell, but you have no idea how much you’ve made my spirit lift.

i used to talk to the moon a lot, especially when i felt alone. when i felt like there wasn’t anyone who’d listen, she was always there. it’s nice, to be reminded of this little hope, this little bright feeling in my heart, exists. i haven’t spoken to her in a while, haven’t went outside at night just to look at her beauty. maybe i’ll do just that next time she comes out.

i don’t really believe in the legends, the guardians that you’ve portrayed in characters, but i do believe in the feelings, the emotions that they represent. hope, wonder, belief. it’s what i believe you try to make - a physical representation of those feelings one can’t explain, one can’t prove, but one just feels. those moments of happiness, of fear, of trust.

what i’m trying to say is, thank you. you’ve made me happier in my heart, however pathetic it may sound.

it may never reach you, this thing i’m writing, but you have made the child in me come back. i thought i lost her, the imagination i had when i was a child, but it seems that she was only asleep. and i just hope that whoever you are, the dreamworks production team, any part that you may have taken in producing this movie, however small or big or important or not; you have made me believe in myself. you have brought back my imaginations.

thanks to you, dreamworks, and all related figures.

a child brought back.

To “A Child”…

You know, we all check out the Tumblr sites now and then to see what fans of the movie are up to; our producer Christina saw your letter and was immediately moved to share it with the rest of us.  

I’m so happy that the movie connected with you and that you’ve found some meaning in it; it’s why we made it!  It’s true, this is our job, but let me assure you: it comes very much from our hearts, and our love of these ideas and these characters.  We wanted the movie to be very much about all the things the Guardians represent, but most of all, we wanted it to be about the thing you say you’ve found again: a child’s imagination.  

That’s what drove all of us in the making of the movie.  It’s why we all chose these careers and this life.  The imagination I lived and reveled in as a child made me who and what I am.  It gave me comfort, inspiration, and strength. It was my star to steer by.  I learned that you can dream something, you invest it with some love and passion and there’s a way – no matter how unlikely – of making it a reality. It’s what let me believe I could become an artist, and then a film director when once it all seemed impossible.

Here’s another thing I’ve realized: that imagination never goes away.  We may misplace it, or mistrust it, but it’s there, and it’s struggling to be free.  I honestly think many people – maybe most — fight constantly to suppress their imaginations, to deny the child inside them.  They conform, they live in fear, they become cynical. They think they “know”.  They don’t remember how powerful it can be not to know — but to wonder and dream and come to a bigger kind of knowing as we search for what is real. 

I know it all sounds a little lofty coming from the maker of a Santa Claus movie, but for me, for all of us, it wasn’t just a movie; it was our lives, the lives we lived both out in the world, and in our imaginations.  I’m so happy that what we did touched you, and helped remind you of something you’d missed.  Just remember it was never gone, and never will be.   

So welcome back to it!  (And have a little fun, as a good friend of ours would most certainly tell you.)

My very best to you, and thanks so much for your wonderful letter.

- Peter Ramsey, Director of Rise Of The Guardians

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